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I have a long-standing love for template engines - my first contribution to the Apache Software Foundation belonged to Apache Turbine which uses Apache Velocity as rendering component. And with Apache Velocity I did all sort of interesting things such as

  • Source code generation
    • Apache Torque is using Velocity to generate database access classes
  • Website creation
  • XML rendering using Java data structures

But Apache Velocity is running out of steam - for one of my pet projects I was using Apache Velocity but there was little joy

But my pet project based on Apache Velocity was actually useful for my last consulting gig

  • Transform JSON to a human-readable HTML report
  • Transform a hand-crafted Excel sheet into a CSV
  • Transform CSV to Markdown

So I started looking for alternatives

  • The cool kids say ‘Node.js’ - but they always say ‘Node.js’ and I’m using the JVM
  • My first steps with Thymeleaf were a bit frustrating due to my limited time
  • Dave Burke’s blog entry pointed me to Apache FreeMarker

So I ported my pet project to Apache FreeMarker which is found here on GitHub - freemarker-cli - and it was fun again

Having said that there is still some work to do